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The effect on resilience and wellbeing of adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

What is the project about?

This research seeks to explore the changes in resilience and wellbeing over the time of the pandemic restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic in 2020. Due to the lock down of services and social distancing, people are disconnected from their regular and stable connections. Some people with religious affiliations and community connections have alternative ways to connect through online services.

This study will explore: -

  1. The changes in wellbeing as a result of religious and community disconnections and alternative connections.
  2. The strong resources people are connecting with during the isolation stage.
  3. Changes in depression, anxiety and stress over time
  4. The changes in personal and relational competence during the lock down restrictions

Who is undertaking the project?

"The Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute as part of Mary Andrews College (Australian College of Theology) is undertaking this project as a faculty research project. The goal is that the research feedback will help the Institute produce resources for the local church in the area of resilience and wellbeing during community upheaval. The faculty engaged in this project are Keith Condie (Co-Director of the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute) and Lyn Worsley (Honorary Research Associate). Lyn is also the Director of the Resilience Centre and this project uses the Resilience Report, produced by the Resilience Centre, as the tool for participants to engage with the research project. This research project is also undertaken in partnership with the Resilience Centre."

What will I be asked to do?

This study involves completing three questionnaires in the on-line resilience report each 4 weeks over the period of the Pandemic (approximately 6 months). The time taken will be 30 minutes.

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